Microhairstroke Services

What is MicroHairstroke ?

Ladies, we'd like to introduce to you :

 Microhairstrok is a manual method of semi-permanent eyebrow , perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill in over flucked brows.
 Microhairtrok someone call microblading, , feather, 3D browsis more of an embrodery stokes that look just like real hairs.The method is very precise, artistic.

The idea comes from tattooing, but it difference in sophisticated equipment and technique, pigment.During microhairstrok process we use a special needle blade hand tool pen go one by one hair .

 The depth of the pigment infusion into the skin, and the hairstrok brows look so natural that they do not distinguish from natural ones
What makes this method unique is that there is no spilling of strokes under the skin, but they stay in the form of drawn hair.
Why choose Microhairtroke

– Because each hair stroke on the missing part of your eyebrow is stroked in individually, thus achieving a 100% natural look.

-Because you are tired of drawing your eyebrows every morning.

-Because you want perfect eyebrows when you are at the sea, in the gym, when you sleep and wake up.

-Because the end result is adjusted to match your hair, skin tone and facial and eyebrow structure.

-Because you will improve your self-confidence.Waking up with perfect brows totally be worth it.

BrowsMicrohairstroke- 3D- Powderfilled  special $250 (2 sections)
Upper&Lower eyeliner  $350
Upper eyeliner     

Lower eyeliner     $150
Lip liner               
Full lips   
special $500

How do find  the right  Permanent Makeup artist to do Your permanent - semi makeup 

It's Very important to have the right permanent make up technician.

The Technician to choose is someone has been doing permanent make up a long period time .
The permanent makeup  artist should also be able to provide you with references.

Please be aware some new technician offer really cheap price on Groupon.

There are many poorly trained and inexperienced technicians who make mistakes.  Unfortunately, many consumers choose a technician based on a low price or convenient location and later regret that choice.

 Require Health Department inspections. A permanent makeup artist’s location, equipment, or sterilization methods are not inspected or supervised by anyone. They are not required to perform procedures in one location—they can move around to different salons, work from home, or work in their client’s homes.

 Sterile needles are not enough to prevent disease transmission. Permanent makeup is invasive andcross-contamination can occur even if sterile needles are used. If a tattooist uses unsafe equipment or does not know, understand, or follow correct infection control guidelines, a person can contract a disease like Hepatitis. Without health department regulations and inspections, there are no assurances for public safetest.

The Artist’s Experience in The Field

A person could have all of the certifications in the world, but he or she might not have a lot of practical experience in the field. Research how much experience the individual has actually working in the field of permanent makeup; you might even want to speak to some past clients to get a better sense of the individual’s history. Not only do you want to work with an individual who has experience with permanent makeup, but also you want to hire someone who has worked with the specific procedure that you want.

 Always ask for before and after photos.

When you go in for a consultation, ask a ton of questions and request to see before and after photos,  “Anyone that is good at tattooing your face should be proud to show you his or her work.” 

 If you don’t feel comfortable, leave.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the technician or the facilities that she is working out of, leave, recommends Arnold-Ronish. “I can’t tell you how many people come to me to fix their makeup and confess that they really didn’t feel comfortable from the start at the other place but felt too embarrassed to leave. Remember, this is your face and it is permanent.” 


Beautiful eyebrows is a real art. A dense , voluminous shape of eyebrows helps make the facial contour noticeably sharper and to focus attention on the eyes.

Eyebrows are an incredible world on the face . A big confusing . Thereis confusion about which eyebrows technique is better.

The main thing is keep a balance, to avoid disproportionality, not blindy follow the fashion, to choose the right sharp and to perfectly match harmonious colors in order to accentuate the charm of the face.

The anesthetic will be applied to ensure that You are as comfortable as possible throughthout your treatment.

Adding  hairtrokes one by one . Adjustments to make sure your news brows are flattering and excatly what you want. Checking for symmetry.

I would suggest that my clients come back for a touch -up after 30 days -45 days of the initial treatment. 

We reccomend  that our clients come back at least 18-24 months for  re-touch to keep color refreshed. How long microhairstroke brows last depends on your retention , skin type and home care ( exposed your skin too much on the sun or over heating ...).  Clients with oily skin they are fade faster than dry skin.

I'm in love with combined technique with microblading manual and machine , shading & hairstroke toghether   .

Questions -Answers for Permanent makeup & semi- permanent makeup microhairtroke.

Q.  will I lose any of my brow hair when i have the eyebrows procedure ?
A. With both methode machines or manual devices , the color is not inserted deep enough to affect the follicle of the hair.

Q.  Do men have permanent make up done ?
A. Yes, microhairstroke is perfect for Men , to look very natural and not like makeup.  brows are usually done with the color a litle sparse and not too sharpely. Men usually don't need too much on arch just need adding few hairstroke where needed.

Q. How do I know if semi or permanent make up is for me ?
A. Permanent semi makeup is for just about everyone. Listed before just few of reasons why clients have these procedures done. I'm sure you will recongnize yourself in one or more of these categories. 

.Wear contact lenses or glasses.
.Feel undressed without make up.
.are nactive in sports.
.have eyes that tear frequently.
.are not artistic or skilled in appying makeup.
.have a problem seeing objects at close range.
.are too busy to worry about their makeup.
.have allergies to ordinary cosmetic.
.are tired of using eye , lip, and brows pencils.
.love to have color on their lips all the time.

Q.What's is the good age to have PMU procedures done ?
.A. Its never too late or too early to enjoy PMU, generally eighteenyears old and up . 

Q. Will the PMU still look good on me as I get older and my skin changes ?
A. As long as uou look good with correctly applied make up , you will look good with PMU. I don't believe there is any age where you need to stop to using makeup. Adding color to the brows , lips, eyeliner bring out a more youngfull look. 

Q. Do I have  bleeding during  process ?
A. Some Clients bleed, but not always. It really depends on the skin type and skin condition and also the climate . People with sensitive skin always bleed more.the skin is more dehydrated so there's more bleeding. In States in more humide the situation is better .

A.What's anesthesian in PMU ?
Q. Is one of the most popular pre-procedure  anesthetics that contain lidocain & tetracaine in a cream base. The duration of exposure is 20-40 minutes .

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