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Beautiful and symmetric eyebrow shape can add a lot of charm to your face. But you can seldom achieve it just with hair plucking, particularly when you are doing it yourself. You know really well yourself how easy it is to make an ugly mistake. With a permanently marked shape, which is best suited for your type of appearance, your brows will always look well, and it will be easier for you to pluck hair that grow outside its scope.

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Permanent Makeup



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  1. Why Permanent makeup LinVu ?
    Excellent After Care Great Service Rates 100% Clean & Sterile Close to 15 years' experience TATTOO REMOVAL Professional Service Certified Beauticians Amazing Reviews
  2. Prices for Our Permanent Makeup
    Microblading- 3D feather Stroke - Reg. $300 special only $200 Eyebrow Powder fills -Reg. $200 Special only $150 Upper & Lower eyeliner $ 200 Lip liner special $200 Full lips -Reg. $500 special $380
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